Monday, September 22, 2008

Primeval Intersections

This past friday this is what we did in my performance class

Monday, September 15, 2008

even more new mugs

why so many mugs? well i suck at making handles and ive been collecting mugs for research and well its just fun to decal.


so i recently read that people are generally happier when they use their hands to gather food, cook or make things. processing walnuts by hand is very labor intensive and messy. but will be well worth the pain as nico and i have recently discovered. the price of walnuts at berkeley bowl makes so much sense.

Bridge Tour

So this little troll was built out of the scrape the iron workers took from the carnage left behind from the 1989 quake. They took it to a blacksmith and he made this troll which they attached to the old bridge. So there is your gargoyle Dana.
I really love the juxtaposition of the old and new here.

Also the engineering for the new bridge is quite amazing as far as durability from quakes and such. In answer to attacks the old bridge actually with stood two plane crashes one from a navy plane and the other i can't remember. but i have full faith in the new bridge. the bike lane, well only will go as far as yerba buena island do to the traffic of the cargo ships on the san francisco least that was there answer. also underneath the new bridge they have installed perches for migrating birds...good ol california...anyway all in all the people from caltrans were really cool and very informative...the experience was really inspiring. it would be awesome to do it again. im going to look into seeing if i can set up a tour if i can get at least 20 people who are interested. so let me know if you want to see the bridge.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bicycle mugs

just fresh out of the kiln. goodwill specials.
the images are a young japanese boy with his penny farthing bicycle
and in the inside is the image of a chain ring.
if you are interested in ordering a mug email me and i will reply with images
and mugs i have available. i also have tea sets.

Monday, September 8, 2008


heres my messy studio. look at those sexy pinch pots...hmmm pinch pots.
also keep checking my blog for the upcoming cup making event i will be hosting.

modern shelf

so close to finishing nico's modern book shelf. i found the design online, nico drew it on
illustrator and we went down to Piedmont lumber and she bought finished plywood. then we
went to Urban Ore to find some old door hinges.

espresso set

just finished firing this appropriated espresso set that i decaled with some cool
bicycle images. they are on sale at Manifesto Bicycles on 40th and Webster.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Garden

recently it has come to my attention that food is becoming more expensive and scarce.
we live in an age where our food comes in packages and generations are unable to cook.
my roommates and i planted a garden this year. People should grow more and younger
generations should learn to grow. check out some of our sweet tomatoes and peppers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monty Stickers

this is my chihuahua montgomery
if you would like a sticker of him
email me your address at
and i will snail mail you a sticker, because
it's fun to get cool little things in the mail.
this is part of an on going project of mine
to spread my pups image around the world.
why? cause he's rad! and he brings joy to people
even with his stinky breath. anyway others and myself
have been posting this sticker in random places. eventually
i would like to build a website where, if interested you can
visit, learn about monty and post images of where you placed
the sticker. so what are you waiting for free stuff email me!

a day in the studio

Welcome to my blog as this is my first post you can also see my temporary website to see some of my work. i started this blog in hopes
to motivate myself in my studio and art practice. i will be using this blog to post my daily
or weekly events in my studio as i build my new website.