Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monty Stickers

this is my chihuahua montgomery
if you would like a sticker of him
email me your address at
and i will snail mail you a sticker, because
it's fun to get cool little things in the mail.
this is part of an on going project of mine
to spread my pups image around the world.
why? cause he's rad! and he brings joy to people
even with his stinky breath. anyway others and myself
have been posting this sticker in random places. eventually
i would like to build a website where, if interested you can
visit, learn about monty and post images of where you placed
the sticker. so what are you waiting for free stuff email me!

1 comment:

julia and david said...

Erock, you are the man. I love your espresso sets...they are FANTASTIC. Yes please we want Monty stickers..make that 2.
Rubba yuuu, Judee