Saturday, April 30, 2011

success mouth watering pork

thanks for everyone coming to help eat all that pork. the skin was crispy and salty, the meat delicious and juicy. And yes cooked through. we uncovered the pig around 6pm, leaving it cooked for around 8 hours.

the meat was tender enough to pull apart with our hands. taking apart an animal with your bare hands was satisfying and nostalgic. along with a can of bud-light all i need was a bottle of whiskey to finish it off.

a great question was raised during the feast. what is with the fruit in the bigs mouth?

upon further research i haven't found a conclusive answer. the first was something about letting intestinal gases release while it's cook, another that it was just aesthetic. but my favorite was an explanation of how with out the fruit the pig's mouth looked as if it were giving a grimace instead of a smile.

pig roast oakland style

it has been awhile since iv'e roasted a pig. but thanks to Sou's birthday the chance has risin yet again. i grew up roasting pigs and goats in cucamonga ca my father and uncles butchered the animals in our backyard. stepping into Sou's east oakland home i was reminded of all the fun it was growing up hella asian.

it's also rad to see Sou's little nephew getting in the mixed and being exposed to the carnage of cooking whole animals.

how does one roast a pig? fairly simple.
1. get friends to dig a big hole
2. get a pig 80lbs will cost about 100$ or so
3. banana leaves
4. bamboo shoots
5. lava rocks or river rock
6. hardwood and charcoal. walnut is best for the meat
7. pre heat rocks
8.stuff rocks into pig
9. cover pig with leaves and wrap with chicken wire
10. set pig on coals
11. cover pigs with wet burlap sacs or wet sheets
12. cover with dirt.
13. drink beers and wait

Sou went to an A's day game. And i moved a couch and made a two pizzas.

stay tuned for photos of the finished product!