Saturday, April 30, 2011

success mouth watering pork

thanks for everyone coming to help eat all that pork. the skin was crispy and salty, the meat delicious and juicy. And yes cooked through. we uncovered the pig around 6pm, leaving it cooked for around 8 hours.

the meat was tender enough to pull apart with our hands. taking apart an animal with your bare hands was satisfying and nostalgic. along with a can of bud-light all i need was a bottle of whiskey to finish it off.

a great question was raised during the feast. what is with the fruit in the bigs mouth?

upon further research i haven't found a conclusive answer. the first was something about letting intestinal gases release while it's cook, another that it was just aesthetic. but my favorite was an explanation of how with out the fruit the pig's mouth looked as if it were giving a grimace instead of a smile.


Emilio said...


Do you know Yoshio from Yoshio photography?
I'm interested in her work, what is the best way to contact?
My email is
I left a comment on artist blog.
Thanks for the help,


ebcabunoc said...

She is actually a he. Sorry i just got this comment i will forward him your email.