Monday, December 19, 2011

bahn mi picinic

You gotta love the french influence combined with vietnamese ingredients. My latest food creation, the bahn mi sandwich. Broken down into three parts this ingenious combination of slaw, meat (tofu in this case) resting between a crunchy baguette.
Jullienne carrots, dichon and zuccini.
In a sauce pan boil a ration of 2 : 1 water and distilled vinegar and sugar to taste. Let cool and add the slaw and set aside for a 30 minutes. In a pan i sauteed tofu with a black bean chili sauce and fresh ginger garlic and sweet onions. Cut the baguette to desired length. Mayo is optional. Lay thinly sliced cucumber on bottom slice of bread. Next lay a generous amount of the tofu or meat. Top the tofu with the slaw and top ot off with fresh cilantro and enjoy!
My mom gave us a new picinic basket we packled the sandwiches and some soup in. With the dogs and the basket we headed out to Briones Regional Park for a nice picinic and hike with our pups.
With leftover slaw I did my own mixing of cultures and made a pulled por bahn mi for my Monday work lunch, this is a highly recommended mix.
Check out the pictures and Merry Christmas!

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