Wednesday, January 11, 2012

crab feast

Crab is probably my numer one crustacean. Win Walker graciously hosted a wonderful crab bake last night, a rad idea that can be economical and fun for dinner and friends. 99 RANCH has these tasty ocean floor dwellers for $6 a pound, try and get em at the height of the season, i have picked some up as low as $3 a pound. Nevertheless if everyone pitches in a makes a side dish your well in your way for a good night od crab. The dinner was accompanied with a homemade "bakesale betty slaw," bread, baked potatoes and a slew of dipping sauces. As i was very prepared for a evening of crab carnage i brought my own sheller, appron and face towel, but i loved everyones enthusiasm with some DIY shell tools such as, a garlic press and of course forks. After dinner we were delighted with a awesome slide show of wedding pictures and of course a round of WIi bowling.
Hurry and get them crab before the season ends!

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