Monday, February 13, 2012

burger club "Sparky's Giant Burger" "Chop Bar"

So the yet to be named burger club of Oakland CA had two more excursions to find some meat. The first of these outing brought us to the Oakland Hills a nice location for summer eating. Spark's includes a nice heated patio and fast friendly service. This shack has the charm of a small, well shack but is very well kept inside. The overall flavor of the burger was okay, like Vals the meat is unseasoned but with added topping and condimenta the club gave this establishment a "C". I will post scores of individuals and our rating card soon.

The second meat up spot, was "Chop Bar," nestle deep in Jack London Square, we went for fancy on this one and the value for the burger is still debatable. But the overall score was our highest yet a whopping "B+.". The combination of decor and ambiance was great. The kicker for me was the seasoned beef with the exquiste execution of the medium well cooked meat. Every bite juicy and flavorful, served on a kaiser roll, with a bloody burger doesn't quite hold up with all that delicious juice. Nevertheless the best burger the club has encountered yet. At 12$ base model it had better be good.

Some other notes. We added a new member to the group and can't wait for our next burger.

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