Saturday, January 28, 2012

burger club of oakland

Recently my friend Hanna Strange introduced an idea for a few of our friends to start a burger club. Eating at various burger joints in the bay area and rating them. Tonight was our first crack at developing our club. Tasks of the evening included an agenda of rating systems, categories, name and of course eating.

I had a simple "baby" burger, a 1/3 lb of beef with cheddar cheese, tomato, grilled onions and onion rings , pickles, lettuce served between a french roll.

Vals is a historic burger diner tucked away in the east bay in the heart of Castro Valley. It is a bit of a trek but the ambience is nice. Full of east bay history Vals has been making burgers since the fifties. I heart this place. If you havent been there venture out! It will be worth it.
As for our overall rating you'll have stay tuned and look out for the burger clubs blogs for ratings and dining tips.

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